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On the first Wednesday of each month, a group of citizens meets at the LHPUSD offices to discuss the future of Pescadero and the surrounding area.  This meeting is known as Sustainable Pescadero and is open to anyone wishing to attend. It starts at 4pm.

For example, this month the agenda covered: RCD’s latest news is the hiring of Sheena Sidhu.  She will manage projects for the RCD’s Forest Health and Fire Resiliency programs. Speaking of this fine independent agency the marsh work is over and the mouth of the marsh is open to the ocean. Time and rainfall will tell us this winter how effective the work will be in allowing fish into the Butano to and maybe even assist in non-flooding of PCR at the bridge.

Lynn Bowman reported on the possible development teacher/low-income housing on the five acres owned by LHPUSD on North St. in cooperation with MROSD’s housing division. 

Amy Wolliver provided an update on the proposed extension of the CSA-11 water system to the High School and prospective firehouse site. The design phase is being funded through taxpayer-funded proposition 1 monies via the state water resources board.

Catherine Peery presented the Grant Proposal for a Pescadero park/plaza for the town. See the proposal PDF here. She also reported that KPDO is and has been off the air since the big windstorm.  As we all know they have shut down the power several times and one of these times when the power returned it spiked the system and blew the computer that’s used to keep the signal on the air. If anyone has some extra funds to purchase a replacement it would be appreciated. Just contact her or the Fish Wrap.

That’s pretty much a capsule report for this group and please sing out if you have observations, comments or suggestions and remember if you’d like to attend the next meeting it’s scheduled for January 2nd as the 1st is New Years Day.

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