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January Splashes and Ripples

CHP Commander Jim Allen review of 2019: 43 Collisions on highway one between So end of HMB to SC county line. 1 fatality, 25 injuries, 17 non-injury. In the rest of the area, other than highway one there were 12 collisions; one fatality, 7 injuries and 4 non-injury. As we’re all too aware the weekend traffic is now a yearlong thing and not just in the summertime. Car break-ins have exploded over the past few years, mostly in beach parking lots. Guess the over-the-hill bad guys are expanding their territories and without charges/arrests it’s looking hopeless. Just don’t take any chances and have nothing in your car if you or a visitor parks out there.

CalFire update; our local Chief Cox has been promoted to deputy chief of the SM division. Congratulations to him as it’s much deserved. The issue of contractors taking water from our hydrants came up and it turns out that the water district may not make any water available to anyone other than ratepayers through existing hookups. Meanwhile please report anyone plugged into a hydrant if you see that happening. Pictures would be helpful and feel free to inform them that what they’re doing is illegal. And if they’re not any bigger than you run them off. The fire department also reported that there’s still no determination on the source/cause of the Mushroom farm fire on Gazos, also a big thank you to the resident crew for coming to help clean up the high school grounds recently. Next time you see one of these guys/gals give them a big thank you or hug.

On February 8, the Office of sustainability (OOS) is sponsoring a free electronics, small appliances and Styrofoam drop-off at the transfer station. Also, the OOS is proposing a disposable food service ordinance to the board of sups that requires any individual, company, organization that is preparing and serving food, must only use fiber-based disposables. This will only apply to the unincorporated areas and not to cities, etc. Hmmm? If the BOS approves the ordinance it will take effect within one month and enforcement starting in one year. Speaking of food and good times, Memorial Park will be available for day use only while upgrades are currently being made. Probably in effect through the end of the year.

Mary Wendrup, president of the LHPUSD made a big splash and an excellent appearance before the community. She related much of the progress being made at the various schools. It’s great to get some update and the good news is she still has one year remaining in her term. B.J. Burns, who lives across the street from the high school observed that it would be worthwhile for the district to investigate the availability of potable water on the property through sinking a viable well. Could be an excellent alternative to spending upwards of $6,000,000 or more on extending the CSA-11 services to the property. We have some excellent water Witcher’s in this community and it might be worth a little time to check out. Mary will send someone qualified to address the idea from the school next month. On a side note, the seventh and eighth graders managed to raise enough money to finance their trip to D.C.

DON’T miss the next PMAC meeting on February 11. There’s a major proposal to modify the LCP (local coastal program) that will greatly impact all the south-coast property owners and not just the farmers and ranchers. This will be addressed by the county, MidPen and POST. When the draft of the proposal is made available it will be posted on TPFW website and we’ll also send it out as a special mailing to current subscribers. Please mark your calendars and attend the meeting. According to those that have sat through two presentations already this is confusing, and it appears that there’s a great deal more to this proposal than meets the eye. This deals with sub-divisions, which was supposed to be under the sharp eye of the Coastal Commission, but this may not have been the case for years. Lot-line adjustments may become problematic and jeopardize existing density credits for those not a public agency.

The Farm Bureau and Ag Advisory Council have both been presented with this proposal and confusion reigns. It’s their sense that time to digest and understand what the proposal (its relative impact and long-term consequences) is needed. Don’t miss this meeting! Melisa Ross, Senior Planner with the Planning and Building department will present. Also involved with the presentation will be Mike Williams, MROSD and Ben Wright with POST.

-Fil Let; TPFW staff reporter.

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