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April PMAC Pond and Other Ripples

As we all are very much aware, we’re going through some pretty weird times! Despite this we all need to carry on as much as possible with some semblance of normalcy. Yeah, right Fil.

So, at the last PMAC meeting we had a major turn out and the meeting didn’t end until 10:00 and at that we still weren’t able to get in all the various reports from the members. Of course, we tabled what wasn’t covered until the “next meeting”. That’s still the case, and maybe we’ll get to have one in May, or June, or???

The loyal law enforcement guys, Cpt. Saul Lopez with the sheriff’s department and our very own Pescaderan, Commander Jim Allen with the Highway Patrol made the following reports:

2-3 residential burglaries; Vandalism on Native Sons is a mental health issue and is being addressed; mail theft suspect identified and arrest warrant issued; a recent grant will allow for increase patrols on weekends during the summer and hopefully the annual bike rodeo will be held for the kids and anyone else interested. This takes place at the elementary school and we’ll let you know when.

Julia Malmo-Laycock, Active Transportation Specialist with the county presented an update on that plan and here’s the link:

Concerns and input revolved around Safe Routes to Schools, defining pathways, and pedestrian safety. One of the weekend, and some weekday problems is that the bikers come over in cars to offload their bikes and go riding for the day. That’s great but too many are parking in the “shopping” area of our small downtown and it takes up valuable parking space all day. We’re hoping to place flyers on their windows or simple ask (when anyone sees them unloading) to please park in the lot at the corner. I and others have done that and they’re always happy to move and don’t realize their taking up the space. So please speak up if you encounter them doing same.

Mike Williams of MidPen Regional Open Space District, Ben Wright of Peninsula Open Space Trust, & Melissa Ross, San Mateo County Senior Planner Presented on Amendments to Conform with Coastal Act & LCP. Here’s a link to that pitch: PMAC SMC Zoning Amendment Presentation 02 11 20 final.pdf

Renee Erridge, Secretary of Pescadero Education Foundation reported on the Coastside Gives campaign to raise money for scholarships, D.C. trip, creative writing, sports, etc. now through May, The Goal is $30,000 and there are matching opportunities - looking for individuals that have an interest and ability to provide a matching donation and hopefully the kids will raise enough and get to take the trip.

Concern was raised about the current US Census being taken and the question of citizenship. That question is not asked and isn’t noted. Safe for all to participate and since it means more representation and maybe even money to us, here’s hoping everyone participates.

Since the meeting the County has provided enough funding to replace old and kaput equipment for KPDO. Hopefully they’ll be back on the air in the coming months. If you’ve always wanted to hear yourself or you neighbor on radio, here’s your chance. All it takes is a cell phone or laptop or even use the equipment in the bread truck in front of Catherine Peery’s office in town. Content, subject matter and creativity is up to you. Of course, proper standards apply, and one must follow the FCC guidelines for content. Everything is pre-recorded and is played back on-the-air so time shifting is all yours and can be managed to fit varying schedules.

A tip of the old fishing rod to Casey Dunn, current chair of PMAC for taking the reins of the website for PMAC and pulling together an amazing amount of Covid-19 source information. The businesses open, their respective services and hours of operation and a good deal of useful links.

Another big tip to Puente for stepping up and printing our edition this time. The usual printer in Santa Cruz is not open as his business in not considered essential. (is to us however) The place we use is University Printing and Tom the owner gives the best services and the best prices on the planet for all printing. Give him some business when you can and you’ll become a believer.

BTW the library system is up and awaiting your downloads for books and other delights. Just cause the doors are locked, doesn’t mean that there’s no one home!

Stay safe, Fil Let.

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